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James Noel Barrett (1903-1958)

Narrabri Accommodation - James Noel Barrett

Narrabri Accommodation - James Nancy Barrett

An agriculturist and Grazier Noel was born 1903. He was born in Melbourne to Sir James and Lady Marion Barrett. Noel attended Melbourne Church of England Grammar School completing his studies at Melbourne University, Trinity College where he attained a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in 1925. Breaking the mould he became the first male in the family history not to go on to study medicine. Sir James Barrett was knighted for discovering Venereal Disease during WWI saving thousand of soldier’s lives or time in the sick bay after catching the disease on their leave from the front line.

In 1927, two years after his graduation Noel purchased Yera. Which consists of 1820 acres and is situated 20kms north of Narrabri. Two years later Noel married Nancy Morphet Mair of Colly Creek Station.

Noel was a highly energetic and innovative famer, who earned the reputation as one of the states most progressive farmers. He pioneered the growing of wheat on the North West plains of NSW; the contract harvesting of pasture seed (particularly curly Mitchell grass; was the first in Australia to have pneumatic tyres on farm machinery; the bulk handling of wheat, instigated the change over from bags to bulk handling; built the first spiral grain auger; built some of the first on farm bulk grain silos; the growing and harvesting of Sunflower, linseed and Millet; and in1947 the aerial spraying of insecticides. Noel also adapted and designed new farm machinery, including a system of blowing wheat from his auto-header to motor truck and bulk railway wagons.

Accommodation Yera Narrabri Farmstay & Stables NSW Australia
  Accommodation Yera Narrabri Farmstay & Stables NSW Australia   Accommodation Yera Narrabri Farmstay & Stables NSW Australia

By 1939 Noel had developed “Yera” into a highly mechanised model property, consisting of 1100 acres under wheat, 200 acres of Lucerne and carried 580 head stud sheep and 120 Angus cows.

Noel and Nancy had 6 children Peter (died age1), Carol, Jenny, Anthony, Hurtle and Hugh. Noel continued developing his farming practices purchasing other properties around Armidale and Narrabri until his early passing in 1958. Due to the death taxes of the day all the properties except “Yera” and “Manamoi” (3km north or Yera) were sold.

A trustee ran the properties until in 1967 Noel and Nancy’s eldest surviving son Anthony (Tony or Curly to his mates) came home to take over the running of the properties. Not before he had completed his Agriculture degree at Roseworthy Agriculture College in South Australia, and having gained experience working at “Gurley station”,”Gunyerwarildi”, “Koiwon” and “Willowlee” developing a wide range of experiences in farming and stock management.

Anthony & Robyn Barrett

Narrabri Accommodation - James Noel Barrett

Narrabri Accommodation - James Nancy Barrett

Soon after taking over the management of the properties Tony married Robyn Margret Whitfeld of Bingara in 1968. They went on to have 4 children Belinda, Suzanne, Andrew and Felicity.

Tony and Robyn continued running the properties as a wheat, sheep and cattle operation. Until through the 70’s the sheep were phased out and broadacre farming became the main focus along with a 220 Angus cows. Through the 80’s after 60 years of continuous farming Tony could see that every year he was having to put more and more fertilizer on to grow the same crop as the year before, and that continuing that method of farming wasn’t going to be sustainable and something had to change.

After completing a 10 day Grazing for Profit school in Yeppoon Qld in 1992 Tony and Robyn decided that after more than years of continuous broadacre farming Yera and Manamoi would be put back to pastures in an effort to correct the imbalance in the soils created from all those years of conventional farming.

The cattle numbers where increased to around 500 head on Yera and 500 on Manamoi and managed in a grazing management method based on the nomadic herds roaming the African savannah, called cell grazing or time controlled grazing. Where herds are in large numbers tightly packed, grazing a small area hard and fast. Then quickly moving on leaving the area for a long recovery period before coming back to graze it again. To achieve this pipelines and troughs were put in with over 200kms of single wire electric fencing coming off these troughs in a wagon wheel effect creating 10 hectare paddocks that the stock are moved through every 1-3 days depending on the season and growth rate of pastures.

Accommodation Yera Narrabri Farmstay & Stables NSW Australia

1000’s of trees were planted or fenced off, ground cover maintained, erosion minimised and biodiversity increased all in an effort to create a more ecologically regenerative farming system.

In 2000 cancer took Tony prematurely leaving Robyn and children to manage the properties. In 2003 their son Andrew came home to takeover the management of the properties; also in 2003 Manamoi was sold due to family commitments to Hugh Barrett.

In 2008 Andrew married Lucinda Mary Cobb of Condobolin, and today they run Yera with the help of their children India, Felix, Adelaide, Amelie, Lolita and Hunter, continuing the cell grazing management system, using Low Stress Stock handling techniques, running between 250-500 head of cattle organically.

Accommodation Yera Narrabri Farmstay & Stables NSW Australia

Accommodation Yera Narrabri Farmstay & Stables NSW Australia


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